Land Use Bylaw Amendments
Part 1: Interpretation of this Bylaw
Part 2: Administration
Part 3: Rules Governing All Districts
Part 4: Uses and Use Rules
Part 5: Low Density Residential Districts
Part 6: Multi-Residential Districts
Part 7: Commercial Districts
Part 8: Industrial Districts
Part 9: Special Purpose Districts
    Division 1: General Rules for Special Purpose Land Use Districts
    Division 2: (S-UN) Special Purpose – Urban Nature District
    Division 3: (S-SPR) Special Purpose – School, Park and Community Reserve District
    Division 4: (S-CS) Special Purpose – Community Service District
    Division 5: (S-R) Special Purpose – Recreation District
    Division 6: (S-CI) Special Purpose – Community Institution District
    Division 7: (S-CRI) Special Purpose – City and Regional Infrastructure District
    Division 8: (S-URP) Special Purpose – University Research Park District
    Division 9: (S-FUD) Special Purpose – Future Urban Development District
    Division 10: (S-TUC) Special Purpose – Transportation and Utility Corridor District
Part 11: Centre City Districts
Part 12: Centre City East Village Districts
Part 13: Commercial Residential Districts
Part 14: Mixed Use Districts