57.2    East Village – High Rise Building means a building with all of the following characteristics:

(a)        the building must have a podium and a tower;

(b)        a maximum podium height of 18.0 metres;

(c)        a minimum building height of 50.0 metres;

(d)        the façade of the tower must be set back 2.5 metres from the façade of the podium;

(e)        notwithstanding subsection (d), the tower may rise directly from grade without a setback from a podium provided the façade of the tower, or a portion thereof does not exceed 20.0 metres in length and must be set back a maximum of 2.0 metres from any property line shared with a street; and

(f)         the separation distance between towers must be a minimum of 24.0 metres except from a building which was legally existing or approved prior to the effective date of this Bylaw.