135 Street-Oriented Multi-Residential Building


 A Multi-Residential Development where all of the buildings in the development include the following characteristics:

(a)        the façade of the main residential building on the floor closest to grade facing a street is comprised of units or commercial multi-residential uses, and may only include the following additional elements:

(i)         emergency exits and public entrances; and

(ii)        one (1) vehicle access point, only where located on a laneless parcel;

(b)        units and commercial multi-residential uses located at grade with an exterior wall facing a street that provide the following:

(i)         an individual exterior access within 4.5 metres of a property line shared with a street; and

(ii)        sidewalks that provide direct exterior access to the unit or commercial multi-residential use;

(c)        a public sidewalk located along the entire length of each property line shared with a street; and

(d)        the façade of commercial multi-residential uses located on the floor closest to grade, and facing a street, provides windows with unobscured glass that:

(i)        allows views of the indoor space or product display areas; and

(ii)        occupies a minimum of 65.0 per cent of the façade between a height of 0.6 metres and 2.4 metres.