308      "Special Function – Class 1"

(a)        means a use where temporary structures are erected on a parcel:

 (i)        that allow for an educational, recreational, sporting, social, and worship event that includes, but is not limited to a wedding, circus, birthday, trade show and ceremony; or

(ii)        that allow an existing approved use to expand within the parcel that includes, but is not limited to a grand opening, customer appreciation event, staff appreciation event and sale;

(b)        means a use that may allow for the provision of entertainment or the sale and consumption of liquor but does not include a Special Function – Class 2;

(c)        is a use within the Subordinate Use Group in Schedule A to this Bylaw;

(d)        may only be located on a parcel, excluding the time used to erect and dismantle the temporary structures, for a maximum of:

(i)         60 consecutive days; and

(ii)        120 cumulative days in a calendar year;

(e)        has a maximum height for covered temporary structures of one storey;

(f)        may be temporarily located on any part of the parcel, other than a corner visibility triangle;

(g)        does not require motor vehicle parking stalls; and

(h)        does not require bicycles parking stalls – class 1 or class 2.