303      “Sign – Class E”

(a)       means only the following sign types:

(i)         “Digital Message Sign” which means a “Message Sign”, referenced in subsection (iv) that:

(A)          displays copy by means of a digital display, but does not contain copy  that is full motion video or otherwise gives the appearance of animation or movement; and

(B)       does not display third party advertising;

(ii)        ”Flashing or Animated Sign” which means a sign with copy that flashes or is animated;

(iii)       ”Inflatable Sign” which means a sign consisting of, or incorporating, a display that is expanded by air or other gas to create a three-dimensional feature;

(iv)       ”Message Sign” which means a sign that is either permanently attached to a building or that has its own permanent structure and is designed so that copy can be changed on a frequent basis;

(v)       ”Painted Wall Sign” which means a sign that is painted directly onto an exterior wall of a building, but does not include an Art Sign;

(vi)       ”Roof Sign” which means a sign installed on the roof of a building or that projects above the eaveline or the parapet of a building;

(vii)      ”Rotating Sign” which means a sign that rotates or has features that rotate;

(viii)      ”Temporary Sign Marker”  which means an area of a parcel that has been approved and demarked as a location for ”Temporary Signs”, which for the purposes of the rules regulating signs, is deemed to be a sign; and

(ix)       any type of sign that:

(A)       does not fit within any of the sign types listed in Sign – Class A, Sign – Class B, Sign – Class C, Sign – Class D, Sign – Class F or Sign – Class G; and

(B)       does not contain a digital display; and

(b)       is a use within the Signs Group in Schedule A to this Bylaw.