247 Outdoor Café

(a)        means a use:

(i)         where food or beverages are served or offered for sale for consumption on a portion of the premises which are not contained within a fully enclosed building; and

(ii)        that must be approved with another use listed within the Eating and Drinking Group in Schedule A, or with a Convenience Food Store, Brewery, Winery and Distillery, Specialty Food Store or Supermarket;

(b)        is a use within the Subordinate Use Group in Schedule A to this Bylaw;

(c)        must not have a floor higher than 0.6 metres above the height of the first storey floor level when the use is located within 100.0 metres of a residential district;

(d)        deleted;

(e)        must not be combined with a Drinking Establishment – Small when located in the M-H2 or M-H3 districts;

(f)        deleted;

(g)       deleted;

 (h)      does not require motor vehicle parking stalls; and

(i)        does not require bicycle parking stalls – class 1 or class 2.