241 Municipal Works Depot

(a)        means a use:

(i)         where infrastructure maintenance services are provided by a level of government;

(ii)        where large areas of land are required for buildings and storage;

(iii)       that may store and service equipment, vehicles, LRT trains and other municipal vehicles;

(iv)       that may store sand, gravel and other goods that are capable of being stacked or piled;

(v)        that may have buildings to service the equipment, vehicles, and LRT trains;

(vi)       that may have a building for training staff in the operation of the vehicles, equipment or LRT trains; and

(vii)      that may have a building for administrative functions associated with the use;

(b)        is a use within the Infrastructure Group in Schedule A to this Bylaw;

(c)        must provide screening on the same parcel as the use where the parcel shares a property line with a residential district or special purpose district and where there are piles or stacks of loose materials stored on the parcel;

(d)        must provide screening equal to the height of the piles or stacks of materials stored on the parcel, as referenced in subsection (c).

(e)        must provide a berm with a 3:1 slope if the berm is used to satisfy the screening requirements referenced in subsections (3) and (4);

(f)        deleted

(g)        does not require bicycle parking stalls – class 1; and

(h)        requires a minimum of 1.0 bicycle parking stalls – class 2 per 2000.0 square metres of gross usable floor area.