208       “Home Occupation – Class 2”

(a)        means the incidental use by a resident of a Dwelling Unit for business purposes;

(b)        is a use within the Subordinate Use Group in Schedule A to this Bylaw;

(c)        may have more than three (3) business associated vehicle visits per week which includes but is not limited to drop-offs, pick-ups, deliveries, and visits from customers or consultants;

(d)        may only have one (1) non-residents of the Dwelling Unit work on the  parcel where the use is located;

(e)        may use the private garage or Accessory Residential Building  for business related activities, including storage;

(f)         is limited to one (1) per Dwelling Unit;

(g)        must not create electronic interference, dust, noise, odour, smoke or anything of an offensive or objectionable nature, which is detectable to normal sensory perception, outside the building containing the use;

(h)        must not display any form of signage related to the use on the parcel ;

(i)        must not advertise the address of the use to the general public;

(j)        may only occupy the lesser of 20.0 per cent of the cumulative floor area of the Dwelling Unit, or 30.0 square metres;

(k)        must not have any activities related to the use take place outside of a Dwelling Unit, which includes the outside storage of materials, tools, products or equipment;

(l)        may only have one (1) vehicle, associated with the use, provided that vehicle is not a large vehicle;

(m)      must not generate more than five (5) business associated vehicle visits to the parcel on any one day, to a maximum of 15 business associated vehicle visits per week;

(n)        must not directly sell any goods at the premises, unless they are incidental and related to the services provided by the use;

(o)       requires a minimum of 1.0 motor vehicle parking stalls  in addition to the motor vehicle parking stalls required for the Dwelling Unit the use is located in, where the number of business associated vehicle visits per week exceeds three (3); and

(p)      does not require bicycle parking stalls – class 1 or class 2.