191      “Extensive Agriculture”

(a)        means a use:

(i)         where land is used to raise crops or graze livestock outdoors;

(ii)         where trees and shrubs are intensively grown outdoors;

(iii)       that may have ancillary agricultural buildings and structures that support the outdoor activities; and

(iv)      that may include ancillary structures for small-scale subsidary agricultural pursuits;

(b)        is a use within the Agriculture and Animal Group in Schedule A to this Bylaw;

(c)        where an ancillary structure is a greenhouse in the S-FUD or S-TUC District:

(i)         it is limited to a maximum of 200 square metres in gross floor area;

(ii)        it must be 30 metres from a Dwelling Unit located on a parcel in a residential district or in another municipality, measured from the closest point of the greenhouse to the closet point of the Dwelling Unit; and

(iii)        it must use existing approved road access;

(d)        does not require motor vehicle parking stalls; and

(e)        does not require bicycle parking stalls – class 1 or class 2.