183 Drinking Establishment – Medium

(a)        means a use:

(i)         where liquor is sold for consumption on the premises;

(ii)        where a specific licence for the sale of liquor is issued by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, that restricts minors on the premises;

(iii)       that may include the preparation and sale of food for consumption on the premises;

(iv)       that has a public area greater than 75.0 square metres and less than 300.0 square metres; and

(v)        that may have a maximum of 10.0 square metres of public area used for the purpose of providing entertainment;

(b)        is a use within the Eating and Drinking Group in Schedule A to this Bylaw;

(c)        must not have any openings, except emergency exits, loading bay doors or non-opening windows, on a façade that faces a residential district or abuts a lane separating the parcel from a residential district;

(d)        must not have an exterior entrance located on a façade that faces a residential district, unless that façade is separated from the residential district by an intervening street;

(e)        must not be within 45.0 metres of a residential district when the use is located within the C-C1, C-C2, C-COR1, C-COR2, CC-COR, CC-X, MU-2 and S-R Districts, which must be measured from the building containing the use to the nearest property line of a parcel designated as a residential district;

(f)         deleted

(g)        does not require bicycle parking stalls – class 1; and

(h)        requires a minimum of 1.0 bicycle parking stalls – class 2 per 250.0 square metres of public area.