169 Community Recreation Facility

(a)        means a use:

(i)         operated by, or on behalf of, an organization whose membership is voluntary and generally serves the residents of a specific neighbourhood with the purpose of:

(A)       providing programs, public facilities or services;

(B)       providing non-profit sporting, educational, social, recreational or other activities; or

(C)       where members of the facility and the public participate in recreation and leisure activities;

(ii)        that has recreation space within a building;

(iii)       that may have outdoor sports fields and equipment on the same parcel as the building;

(iv)       where approved facilities are temporarily used to process and prepare locally-grown food with permission by, or on behalf of, the City;

(v)        that may include local food sales; and

(vi)       that include the temporary sale of whole food and locally made processed food, as well as food available for immediate consumption, as a community social activity;

(b)        is a use within the Culture and Leisure Group in Schedule A to this Bylaw;

(c)        deleted

(d)        does not require bicycle parking stalls – class 1; and

(e)        requires a minimum of 1.0 bicycle parking stalls – class 2 per 250.0 square metres of gross usable floor area.