Division 10: Residential – Manufactured Home (R-MH) District


506      (1)              The Residential – Manufactured Home District is intended to accommodate existing and new residential development in the form of Manufactured Home Parks and Manufactured Homes in the Developed Area and the Developing Area.

(2)              Areas of land greater than 16.0 hectares and less than 8.0 hectares should not be designated Residential - Manufactured Home District for a Manufactured Home Park.

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Permitted Uses

507      The following uses are permitted uses in the Residential – Manufactured Home District:

(a)        Accessory Residential Building;

(a.1)     Home Based Child Care – Class 1;

(b)        Home Occupation – Class 1;

(c)        Manufactured Home;

(d)        Park;

(e)        Protective and Emergency Service;

(f)         Sign – Class A; and

(g)        deleted

(h)        Utilities.

17P2009, 4P2012

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Discretionary Uses

508      The following uses are discretionary uses in the Residential – Manufactured Home District:

(a)       Community Entrance Feature;

(b)        Home Occupation – Class 2;

(c)        Manufactured Home Park;

(d)        Power Generation Facility – Small;

(e)        Sign – Class B;

(f)         Sign – Class C;

(g)        Sign – Class E;

(h)        Temporary Residential Sales Centre; and

(i)         Utility Building.

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509      In addition to the rules in this District, all uses in this District must comply with:

(a)        the General Rules for Low Density Residential Land Use Districts referenced in Part 5, Division 1;

(b)        the Rules Governing All Districts referenced in Part 3; and

(c)        the applicable Uses And Use Rules referenced in Part 4.


510      The maximum density for a Manufactured Home located on a individual parcel is one unit per parcel.

Parcel Width

511      The minimum parcel width is 9.8 metres.

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Parcel Frontage

512      The minimum frontage on an internal roadway is 9.0 metres.

Parcel Area

513      The minimum area of a parcel is 270.0 square metres.

Parcel Coverage

514      The maximum parcel coverage is 45.0 per cent of the area of the parcel, which must be reduced by 21.0 square metres for each required motor vehicle parking stall that is not located in a private garage.

Building Setback Areas

515      The depth of all setback areas must be equal to the minimum building setback required in section 516.

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Building Setbacks from a Property Line

516      The minimum building setback for a Manufactured Home located on an individual parcel is:

(a)        3.0 metres from a front property line;

(b)        1.2 metres from any side property line ; and

(c)        3.0 metres from a rear property line.

Projections into Setback Areas

517      The provisions referenced in sections 334, 335, 336, 337 and 338 do not apply to buildings in the Residential – Manufactured Home District.

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Building Height

518      The maximum building height is 5.0 metres.

Outdoor Private Amenity Space

519      (1)              Each Manufactured Home must have a private amenity space located outdoors that:

(a)        has a minimum area of 42.0 square metres with no dimension being less than 3.6 metres; and

(b)        must be provided immediately contiguous to the main entrance of the Manufactured Home.

(2)              A private amenity space located outdoors must not be used for motor vehicle parking stalls or contain an Accessory Residential Building.

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Manufactured Home Installation

520      A Manufactured Home, when located on an individual parcel or within a Manufactured Home Park:

(a)        must be fixed to a permanent foundation or blocked and anchored on the parcel;

(b)        must be skirted; and

(c)        must have the hitch removed or skirted.

Accessory Residential Building

521      The minimum separation distance between the façades of an Accessory Residential Building and a Manufactured Home is 1.0 metres.

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Manufactured Home Park

522      (1)              The minimum area of a parcel used for a Manufactured Home Park is 8.0 hectares and the maximum is 16.0 hectares.

(2)              In a Manufactured Home Park each Manufactured Home must:

(a)        be located entirely within the bounds of a Manufactured Home site, as shown on an approved site plan;

(b)        be on a site, that abuts an internal road, with a minimum width of 4.3 metres;

(c)        be on a site which must have a private driveway that provides direct access to an internal road;

(d)        be located on a clearly defined site marked by permanent flush stakes or markers;

(e)        be addressed with a number;

(f)         be located on a site with a minimum area of 240.0 square metres, with a minimum mean width of 9.0 metres; and

(g)        be installed on a concrete or asphalt pad, which must be located:

(i)         a minimum of 5.0 metres from any adjacent concrete or asphalt pad provided for another Manufactured Home;

(ii)        a minimum of 3.0 metres from any property line;

(iii)       a minimum of 3.0 metres from any internal road; and

(iv)       a minimum of 15.0 metres from any concrete or asphalt pad provided for another Manufactured Home or another permanent building located on the opposite side of an internal roadway.

(3)              A Manufactured Home Park must be provided with street lighting.

(4)              In a Manufactured Home Park all buildings must have a minimum building setback of 3.0 metres from an internal road, street  or a parcel that is not designated Residential - Manufactured Home District.

(5)              All areas of a Manufactured Home Park must be landscaped when not developed or occupied by buildings or other facilities, concrete or asphalt pads for Manufactured Homes, driveways, internal roads, parking areas or walkways.

(6)              A minimum of 10.0 per cent of the total area of a Manufactured Home Park must be provided for the recreational use of the residents.

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523      (1)              Where the development is a Manufactured Home Park, garbage and waste material must be stored either:

(a)        inside a building; or

(b)        in a garbage container enclosure approved by the Development Authority.

(2)              A garbage container enclosure:

(a)        must not be located in an actual front setback area;

(b)        must not be located in an actual side setback area on the public street  side of a corner parcel; and

(c)        unless specified in subsection (3) must not be located in any setback area.

(3)              A garbage container enclosure may be located in a setback area provided that:

(a)        the wall of the enclosure is constructed of maintenance free materials; and

(b)        there is no overhang of eaves onto an adjacent parcel or lane.


Recycling Facilities

524      Recycling facilities must be provided for a Manufactured Home Park.

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