Division 1: Public Realm Setbacks


53        (0.1)          To maintain and improve the quality of the physical environment for the overall public interest, the public realm setbacks are intended to accommodate public realm improvements, pedestrian environment improvements, and context specific mobility improvements.

Required Setbacks

53        (1)             The Development Authority must not relax the basic right-of-way requirements referenced in Table 1 below:

Table 1: Required Setbacks



(2)              When considering a development permit application for a parcel adjacent to a street right-of-way referenced in Table 1, the Development Authority must require that the building be set back from the basic right-of-way by a distance equal to:

(a)        the required building setback in the applicable land use district; plus

(b)        the Required Setbacks referenced in Table 1.

(3)              When considering an application for a development permit for a discretionary use, the Development Authority may require that a building  must not be constructed within a future corner cut-off at an intersection.

(4)              Portions of a parcel within the Required Setbacks referenced in Table 1 may be used by an applicant for the purposes of calculating landscaped area, floor area ratio and units per hectare.

51P2008, 26P2010, 19P2010, 9P2012, 33P2013, 15P2014, 27P2021

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