26P2010, 13P2017

Division 7: Centre City East Village Recreational District (CC-ER)


1277    The Centre City East Village Recreational District is intended to be characterized by:

(a)        a multi-use plaza for informal and formal public activities;

(b)        building design consistent with the form, character and aesthetic quality of the open space immediately adjacent to the Bow River;

(c)        a small amount of low intensity commercial uses; and

(d)        a range of low intensity, seasonal uses.

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Permitted Uses

1278    The following uses are permitted uses in the Centre City East Village Recreational District:

(a)        Park;

(b)        Protective and Emergency Service; and

(c)       Utilities.

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Discretionary Uses

1279    The following uses are discretionary uses in the Centre City East Village Recreational District:

(a)        Community Entrance Feature;

(b)        Food Kiosk;

(c)        Market;

(d)        Outdoor Café;

(e)        Power Generation Facility – Small;

(f)         Restaurant: Food Service Only – Small;

(g)        Restaurant: Licensed – Small;

(h)        Sign – Class A;

(i)         Sign – Class B;

(j)          Sign – Class D;

(k)         Sign – Class E;

(l)          Special Function – Class 2;

(m)        Take Out Food Service;

(m.1)     Urban Agriculture; and

(n)          Utility Building.


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1280    In addition to the rules in this District, all uses in this District must comply with:

(a)        the General Rules for Centre City East Village Districts referenced in Part 12, Division 1;

(b)        the Rules Governing All Districts referenced in Part 3; and

(c)        the applicable Uses and Use Rules referenced in Part 4.

Building Design

1281   The parcel located north of 7 Avenue S.E., south of 6 Avenue S.E. and between 4 Street S.E. and Riverfront Lane S.E. is allowed a maximum of one building with:

(a)         a maximum gross floor area of of 100.0 square metres; and

(b)        a maximum building height of 10.0 metres, not to exceed one storey.


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