Amending Bylaws - 2021


Land Use Bylaw 1P2007 has been amended by the following bylaws. With the amending bylaw there is a summary, a link to the report and a link to the amending text. To search for Public Hearing minutes and video related to the item, please visit, and enter the bylaw number in the search bar to the right.


Bylaw 6P2021

To view the signed bylaw and report, please search the City Clerks database for Bylaw 32P2020. Click here to view the search instructions.


Effective: January 18, 2021

Bylaw 6P2021 amends the Land Use Bylaw to provide permit exemptions for certain areas of the city. There are three areas of the city that are impacted. The “International Avenue Change of Use/Exterior Renovation Exemption Area”, “Montgomery Change of Use/Exterior Renovation Exemption Area” and the “Sunalta Change of Use Exemption Area” (Maps 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 in Land Use Bylaw 1P2007). Proposed uses must be a listed use in the district. Direct Control Districts are eligible for these exemptions unless otherwise noted in the Direct Control Bylaw, with the exception of the International Avenue Change of Use/Exterior Renovation Exemption Area, where a Direct Control District approved under Bylaws 8600 or 2P80 are not part of these exemptions.


The following uses require a development permit (not part of the exemptions): Addiction Treatment, Cannabis Counselling, Cannabis Store, Custodial Care, Liquor Store, Nightclub, Pawn Shop, and Payday Loan.


Additional uses that are not part of the development permit exemptions for the  “International Avenue Change of Use/Exterior Renovation Exemption Area” are:  Assisted Living, Auto Service – Major, Auto Service – Minor, Counselling Service, Dwelling Unit, Medical Clinic, Place of Worship – Large, Place of Worship – Medium, Place of Worship – Small, Residential Care, Service Organization, Social Organization, Temporary Shelter, Vehicle Rental – Major, Vehicle Rental – Minor, Vehicle Sales – Major, and Vehicle Sales – Minor.


Buildings listed on the City inventory of evaluated historic sites are not eligible for exterior renovation exemptions in the “International Avenue Change of Use/Exterior Alterations Exemption Area “Montgomery Change of Use/Exterior Alterations Exemption Area”.


Assisted Living, Child Care Service, Dwelling Unit, Emergency Shelter, Home Based Child Care – Class 2, Hospital, Jail, Residential Care, School – Private, School Authority – School, and Temporary Shelter within 30 metres of a freight rail corridor property line are not eligible for these exemptions.  These exemptions will be in effect until January 31, 2022.


Housekeeping amendments to parking requirements, resulting from Bylaw 48P2020 are included in this amending bylaw.